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Welcome to visit the Wayfire website wifires.net:


Thank you for visiting our site wifires.net by visiting our site and viewing our services, you agree to the terms, conditions and terms of service provided by the Wayfire website wifires.net so please read all the terms and conditions carefully to agree to the Wayfire usage agreement.

The services provided by our site Yfire are very diverse, and include many fields, so the terms of service also apply to its additional terms or requirements such as age requirements.
Tools, pages, articles and everything provided by the Wayfire website wifires.net are not allowed to be traded through any applications or sites that are not ours using copy and paste tools without prior advice or permission, this content is special and exclusive to the Wayfire website.

The pages of our site may be used directly within sites or programs that highlight a specific topic published on our site to preserve copyright.

List of prohibitions that are prohibited from trading on the Wayfire website wifires.net:

  • It is forbidden to circulate or publish any content that calls for defamation of a person or aims to harass others.
  • It is forbidden to circulate or publish any content that calls for or shows unethical behavior.
  • It is forbidden to circulate or publish any content that discusses illegal activities or threatens security in any part of the world.
  • It is forbidden to circulate or publish any content that is profane, pornographic, indecent or unauthorized.
    It is forbidden to circulate or publish any content related to the political or partisan activities of any country around the world.
  • It is forbidden to circulate or publish any content related to the political or partisan activities of any country around the world.
  • It is forbidden to publish and circulate any misleading or false content aimed at misleading visitors through false information or links to false websites for the purpose of fraud and collecting user information.
  • It is forbidden to publish and circulate any promotional advertisement for a product, sites or companies of countries with prior permission from the management of the Wayfire website.
  • It is forbidden to publish any malicious links that contain malware and viruses that may cause damage to visitors' devices, and we advise visitors not to click on any link in the comments unless the identity of the owner of the comment or the source of the comment is verified.
  • It is forbidden to publish or circulate any content that infringes the intellectual property of a third party, such as copyrights, intellectual property and trademarks.
  • It is forbidden to circulate the content of the Wayfire website through copying and pasting without mentioning the source, as this violates intellectual property rights.

By using the Wayfire website through the wifires.net link, you agree to all of the above terms and conditions of the Wayfire usage agreement, and any use or violation of the above standards gives the management of the Wayfire website wifires.net the right to terminate your use or ban your access and participation in the site without any prior warning.

Right to use the content on the Wayfire wifires.net

All content, posts and articles on the Wayfire website are protected by international copyright law, except for topics of a public domain nature.

Based on the above, we, the management of the Wayfire website, do not allow the circulation of any content published on our site (and does not bear the stamp of public domain) without mentioning the source.

All text, videos, images and other various materials available on this site, are for your own personal use, unless otherwise expressly stated within the site.

The use of certain documents, articles and other information on the Site is subject to permission by a third party, as the use of this information is subject to certain rules and conditions that will be published along with this information.

By using the Wayfire, you hereby undertake to abide by all of these above rules and conditions.

You agree to maintain all copyright in any content you obtain through the Wayfire website, as all rights to this site and its content are reserved or under a license granted.

Use the contact form:

You agree that when you use the contact form within the Contact Us page, all electronic communications that take place between us, including but not limited to e-mail, are valid, mandatory, applicable and any dispute that may occur between us, this information may be used as evidence within the court when resorting to the judiciary.

Our responsibility towards visitors:

Wayfire wifires.net site does not bear all cadres, partners, relevant members and all technical cadres working in it, for example, but not limited to, any damage that may result from misuse, explanations or content available on the site, resulting in losses in profits or revenues, or any other type of damage that may occur as a result of using the explanations and ideas on the Wayfire site and your use of the site expressly means a full acknowledgment of our disclaimer of any damages or losses from Likely to occur.

Linked sites:

The Wayfire website may contain content linked to other sites related to this content, so your use of our site and your agreement to the terms of use as mentioned above disclaims our liability for any damage that may occur through the use of third-party links contained in our pages or the topics of our Wifire.

We are not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of third-party links such as the purchase of products or services provided and other external links that you may find on our site and Wayfire.


The Wayfire site is available as it is and we do not guarantee its continuity and freedom from interruptions, errors or problems that may occur on any site, in addition to those problems that occur, for example, but not limited to those related to harmful materials or containing viruses, and we inform you that we are always working to prevent falling into such matters and to maintain our site as a sound and suitable environment for your daily visits and achieve the greatest possible benefit to you Through the content we provide to you.
Also, the Wayfire website contains a lot of different topics and products, many opinions, data, etc., and these data and topics may contain third-party links or false information, so it should be noted that we disclaim our responsibility for all damages that may result from the use of the content of the Wayfire site as stated in the above within the usage agreement.

Report a problem or error:

We, the Wayfire website wifires.net ask all our users, including but not limited to, in the event of any problem, error or any other type of privacy problems during the use of our site, to report it directly through the use of the contact form on the Contact Us page and inform us in detail about the problem, so that we in turn find a quick solution to it to avoid harm to you and the rest of the site visitors.